Saturday, April 16, 2011


The Firehouse Art Collective members and director Tom Franco are working over time to bring this project to fruition on May 6th 2011.
As we are going through our April schedule of confirming vendors, setting up the space and sitting in crew meetings, the excitement for the premiere night for the Firehouse South First Rate Bazaar is growing.

We find that there is an excellent cross section of local artisans in food, jewelry, healing arts, vintage & antique collectibles that is coming together for this opening. This kind of exciting cross pollination is a new flavor that we are cultivating in the art scene.

The location is prime and the set up super cool inside a large warehouse that has a walk through passage from 24th street to 25th which is one of the art walk arteries.

We are also excited to have Firehouse Art Collective member of the Ecstatic Dance group keep us grooving through the evening with his eclectic RHYTMYSTIC sounds.

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