Thursday, May 5, 2011


Fantastic news, after weeks and days of planning, permits and light & sound contractors, we are happy to have our vendors set up and be ready by 6pm, Friday May 6th.

This is the best cross section of all the ARTS we have seen in a market so far. Culinary, healing, textile, fine art, paintings, prints, antiques & collectibles, fashion.....a fine assortment for an exciting Bazaar.

Come see us at the Oakland Art Murmur, Friday May 6, on 474 24th street with a walk through to the galleries on 25th street, this is a main artery in the heart of the murmur.

23Monkeytree will be representing as well, come get a glass of Pomegranate-Lime Kombucha on the house, if you mention this post:)

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